This page is intended to give a brief overview of my personal interests. I would describe myself as a very active person who likes to spend as much time as possible in nature.


“Education transform lives” and I have the full desire to continue lifelong education to improve my skills and further expand my mind. That is why I try to recite as much content as possible in addition to my ongoing education at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. For that I mostly consume digital content on various platforms like Readly, Audible, Blinkist or Spotify. Especially podcasts of different type occupy lots of time of my everyday life. Most of the content revolves around the topics of business, finance, stock markets, digital business and personal development/mindset. The following list shows some of my favorite books, magazines and podcasts.


  • OMR Podcast
  • Deffner & Zschäpitz – Wirtschaftspodcast von Welt
  • Future Weekly – Der Startp Podcast!
  • Alles auf Aktien
  • Ohne Aktien Wird Schwer
  • Erklär mir die Welt
  • Zeitenwende
  • Pivot
  • The Tim Ferris Show


  • Factfulness
  • Tools of Titans
  • So läuft Start Up!
  • Welt mit Zukunft
  • Die Revolution der Geldanlage
  • Biography: Elon Musk
  • Biography: Steve Jobs
  • Biography: Phil Knight


In my everyday life, I try to fulfill my daily excercise, which helps me to stay focused and keep a clear mind. Here I spend most time on running, soccer, tennis, fitness and in winter mainly on alpine skiing or ski touring. In addition, I generally enjoy spending time with friends and am up for almost any kind of fun.

Here is a small excerpt from my activities in my spare time.


Since the age of 7, I have spent many hours a week at the local soccer club in my hometown Meggenhofen. After extensive raining possibilities, for which I am tremendously grateful to Union Meggenhofen, I now have been part oft he adult team for almost 10 years and have already successfully completed more than 200 games. Soccer is both, an enormously important activity to keep healthy, but predominantly serves as a meeting place with my best friends and therefore helps to balance work and education.


In addition to my regular soccer activities, I attach great importance to running. I really enjoy to turn off my head, think about whatever comes in my mind and completing countless miles each month. These hours of me.time help me to clear up my mind and fully recharge my batteries. In addition to my soft runs, I also regularly take part in running events and have already successflly completed the half marathon in Linz and in the Wachau region several times.


During the winter, of course, I continue my regular running sessions. However, this season is also increasingly characterized by other sports. I try to spend as much time as possible in the Austrian mountains. Since I was three years old, I have been an enthusiastic skier and still practice this sport with full passion. In addition, I try to improve my skills on ski touring, where I can enjoy some quiet time in the mountains.


There are countless other sports that I enjoy a lot, although sometimes on a more irregular basis. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to fully do all the sports I like. However, especially in summer I love to spend time in the mountains while hiking. I try to maintain my fitness level with regular weight training. In summer, I also love to play tennis or beach volley ball with friends and I sometimes get on my bike for a longer tour.