TOP 3 Podcasts in 2021

I love to listen to Podcasts while driving the car, cooking or doing a workout.
That’s why I would like to present my favorite podcast shows in 2021 to you

No. 1 – OMR Podcats

In my opinion, by far the best podcast concerning topics like business, tech, digital marketing and also finance.
OMR Podcast with Philipp Westermayer is a true success story

No. 2 – Deffner & Zschäpitz Wirtschaftspodcast

If you want great insights into the stock markets and the overall economic situation.
Deffner & Zschäpitz provide great information to financials, stocks and economy.

No. 3 – Future Weekly

Future Weekly is all about the Austrian start-up community. Daniel and Markus also talk about the current news in tech and digital business. Furthermore, they provide a deep dive into a specific topic once a week.

Enjoy listening to my three favorite podcast shows. I think you would ned regret to have a look at them.

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